Help U.P. Purchase a Floor

Kick StarterWith this money we will purchase our show/competition floor for the 2015-2016 season. This would take a large burden off of our students and staff! This floor will be used to perform in Dayton OH, Oxford OH, Daytona Beach FL, Charlotte NC, Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL and various places across north and central FL from November 2015 - April 2016.

Having this floor would help each student save over $100 and allow their fees to be significantly lower. Please help us raise the money so we can help the students with this additional cost.

One of the obstacles around purchasing a competition floor is getting it early enough so we have something to practice on for safety reasons. Sometimes it take a couple of month's to receive the floor that is purchased and if we are able to purchase this early we will not have to fight this battle. To prevent this potential problem we are looking to order our floor in September so it will arrive in plenty of time for the students to have a safe and reliable floor to practice and compete on.


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