Two Fundraisers!

We currently have two fundraisers going on for Unity Percussion. The first is a Spring Flower bulb sale for $10. With this fundraiser you will earn 50% of the profit towards your fair share. So if you sell $500 worth of product you receive $250 towards your fair share. These bulbs will be ready to plant this fall and will bloom in the spring of 2016. The orders for this will be due by October 16th and will be distributed by October 20th. The printable flier can be found here!
Spring Flower Bulb Sale!

The second fundraiser will be Fresh Fudge and will give you 40% from what you sell. This fundraiser is intended to arrive for Christmas so you can give them as gifts or have people buy them as gifts for others or to have around the table for the holidays. The order forms will be due on our Audition/Clinic date and we expect them to return two weeks before Christmas. The printable brochure for this fundraiser can be found here.
Fresh Fudge Sale!

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