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One of the new Independent groups in FFCC this season, under the direction of Jeremy Lee, is Unity Percussion from Gainesville, FL. This new group is made up of talented members from all over North FL including Jacksonville, Tallahassee, St. Augustine, Bell and Gainesville. Max Castaneda, one of our captains from Tallahassee stated, "If it weren't for the Unity there would be little chancein doing the activity that I love. My best moments happen every Friday when I drive into town from Tallahassee. It's crazy that the program is as strong as it is in its inaugural season, but what is crazier is how welcoming everyone is. Different backgrounds, different cities and we are all able to come together and do what we love. The name Unity quite literally defines us."


In their first season, Unity Percussion wanted to portray a show about building something new from scratch. With this in mind, the Garden of Eden came up in conversation and their show titled, “Seeds of Eden” portrays the building of that landmark. Ryan Miller, one of the Front Ensemble captains from Unity Percussion said, “Going from the beginning stages of starting a brand new group, promoting at FMBC events to performing for the first time in front of a crowd at FFCC Premiere and looking at my friends and being able to say ‘We made it’ was emotional and very rewarding.” When asked, “What has been one of the best moments in joining UP?” Battery Captain Lowgan Daniels responded with, “Being in a disciplined line with the focus and drive to go to Dayton our first season is pretty great.” This season Unity Percussion is performing at all FFCC’s major events and is also performing at WGI Orlando and World Championships in Dayton OH.

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